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Medics Pharmacy caters to both NHS and private prescriptions.

Introducing our new Travel Health Clinic based in Hayes, Middlesex.
Medics Pharmacy Travel Health Clinic is a one stop shops for all of your Travel Health needs.
We are dedicated to providing quality Travel Health advice and services, along with Travel Health Products

With vaccine preventable illnesses accounting for only a small proportion of Health problems encountered whilst abroad we give individuals, business travellers and students the advice and information they need to stay healthy both whilst overseas and on their return.

Call 020-85731799 or email info@medicspharmacy.com to book your appointment now!!

Group and family discounts availbable. Please call to discuss.

To check which vaccinations you need and whether you will need protection from malaria for your trip, click here for the most up to date information: www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk

Or drop in to the clinic and we can do the checking for you!


Vaccination Type No of Doses Recommended Price per Dose
Hepatitis A Vaccine Single dose £60.00
Hepatitis B Vaccine Three/Four doses £50.00
Hepatitis A & B combined Vaccine Three doses £60.00
Hepatitis A and Typhoid combined Vaccine Single dose £75.00
Tetanus, Polio and Diptheria combined vaccine Single dose £30.00
Typhoid Vaccine (oral or inj.) 3 Capsule pack or Single dose injection £45.00/£35.00
Meningitis vaccine Single dose £60.00
Rabies vaccine Three doses £55.00
Cholera vaccine (oral vaccine) Two doses per pack £55.00/dose
Japenese Encephalitis Vaccine Two doses £85.00
Tick-borne Encephalitis Vaccine Three doses £75.00



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