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ETP Nomination

Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions

Our Pharmacy is now in a position to accept nominations from our NHS customers for the pharamacy to receive prescriptions electronically from your GP Surgery

What is ETP?

ETP is a service commencing late 2011 allowing patients to nominate a pharmacy to receive their prescriptions electronically.

What does this mean to me?

Your GP can send us prescriptions electronically, saving you time. You will not have to go to the surgery and queue to collect your prescription. Your pharmacy will be able to download your prescription via a secure NHS network.

Why should I nominate this Pharmacy?

  • Our pharmacy carries a large stock of pharmacy medicines enabling most items to be available immediately.
  • We operate a free prescription ordering and/or delivery service.
  • We guarantee exclusive customer service for any query/problem there may be with your prescription.
  • Our network systems are of high standard, secure, and are up-to-date.

Can I change the pharmacy I nominate?

Yes, at any time. Just ask the pharmacist for assistance in this matter.

Can my GP/Nurse/Practice staff nominate a pharmacy?

No, this would unprofessional.

How do I nominate this pharmacy?

Open, print, and complete the ETP consent form (found below) and hand it in to the pharmacy or post it to the pharmacy's address below:

Medics Pharmacy
11 Dawley Road,
Hayes, Middlesex
United Kingdom


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