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Enhanced Services

  • Advice on Health and Lifestyle Issues

    Our pharmacy offers general advice on health and lifestyle issues. In addition to many specific services we offer, our Pharmacy has a varied selection of books and leaflets on daily lifestyle awareness and health tips. Come in and ask our Pharmacists about an issue that concerns you, we might be able to help!

  • Blood Glucose Test and Diabetes Assesment

    Diabetes is a progressive condition and our Pharmacy can help you reduce the risks of long-term complications such as heart diseases, and blood pressure. With a Diabetes Assessment and Blood Glucose test, we can see if you are at risk by asessing the results. Talk to our pharmacists if you think you might be at risk, or for further information on symptoms of diabetes.

  • Blood Pressure Check

    Our pharmacy offers a Blood Pressure check, allowing us, as well as you, to understand your blood pressure and its affects better. Our pharmacists can help answer your questions and offer advice on which lifestyle changes will benefit you and help keep your blood pressure in control.

  • Cardio Risk Assesment

    These tests provided by our Pharmacy help indicate your chances of having a heart attack, stroke, or any other cardiovascular problems. They help us assess the degree of risk, and provide advice on how to better look after yourself in order to prevent or minimalise the risks.

  • Chlamydia Screening/Treatment

    Testing packs for Chlamydia are available at our Pharmacy. Our Pharmacists can also advise you and leaflets are available in our store with more information.

  • Cholesterol, Lipid Profile Test

    This service is a consultation session where cholesterol levels, and blood pressure readings will be taken to estimate how healthy your heart is. Your results will be provided instantly, and based on your results, we can provide consultation and advice.

  • Erectile Dysfunction Service

    Medics Pharmacy offers a FREE Erectile Dysfunction (ED) service that can help determine any lifestyle factors that may be contributing and whether medical treatment may be appropriate. Your chat is held in the private consultation area and is discreet and confidential.

    • We can check if your current medicines may be contributing to your ED.
    • We can screen you for possible underlying health causes.
    • We can direct you to the best person to speak to.
    • We can sell you an effective ED treatment (Viagra, Cialis or Levitra) if appropriate .
  • Health Check (BMI, Cardio & Diabetes Assesment)

    Our comprehensive Health Check inlcudes Diabetes Screening, BMI check and a Cardio assessment, all done by specially trained and qualified members of staff. Results are available 2-3 days after the tests are complete, whereby our Pharmacists will schedule a consultation session to further assess your results.

  • Malaria Prevention Service

    Medics Pharmacy offers an all-in-one malaria prevention service

    We will asses you in-store in our private consulting area, and advise you on most effective malaria prevention tablets for your journey.

    This includes supplying of prescription only products such as Malarone and Doxycycline. We will also counsel you on any vaccine requirements and advise on travel health.

  • Medicines Use Review (MUR)

    The Medicines Use Review service offers adherence-centred reviews with patients by accredited pharmacists on different medications, especially with patients receiving medications for long-term conditions. It allows the patient to better understand their circumstances with prescribed and non-prescribed medications. It will also help them understand therapy sessions, and any other problems they may have.

  • Minor Ailments / Care at the Chemist

    This is a new NHS service for people, including children, who don’t pay prescription charges. It means that if our Pharmacist thinks you need it then they can give you a medicine on the NHS without you having to pay for it. It will also save you making an appointment with your GP simply to get a prescription.

  • Morning After Pill

    Our Pharmacists are accredited to provide emergency hormonal contraception free of charge as part of a local NHS service. Before you can be supplied with EHC, you will need to have a brief consultation with the Pharmacist, who will ensure that it is suitable for you.

  • NHS Stop Smoking Service

    In addition to offering help and advice on stopping smoking, our pharmacist can advise on a wide range of nicotine replacement products which may also help, including nicotine patches and gum.

  • Travel Health Advice

    Our free travel health advice service helps ensure you have covered all your healthcare needs before traveling. Our pharmacists can advise on common ailments, provide first-aid products (subject to where you are traveling), and also help you make sure you have enough of your regular prescriptions for your holiday. They can also advise on any immunisations or medications that need to be taken before you travel.

  • Unwanted Medicine Disposal

    We can help you dispose of your unwanted, unused, or out of date medication. Our Pharmacy is part of a nationwide DUMP (Disposal of Unwanted Medicines) campaign. Please bring your unwanted medication to our Pharmacy and we will dispose of it safely.

  • Weight Management

    We offer a FREE weight management service, where our Pharmacists offer the advice and support you need to better maintain your health. With consultation sessions, guidelines, and information packs, we can help you achieve your goals of staying fit.

  • Other Services

    Other services we offer include supervised methadone consumption, medicines check, and private consultations for all. These services are available daily as all our pharmacists are trained in the services we offer. For more information as to whether we accommodate a specific service, contact us at  info@medicspharmacy.com

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